Building a 5' 3" P87 HO model railway layout of Yea - Victoria. The period modelled is the 1960s & 1970s.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Slow progress... but

Designing autocad drawings for a sprung SEM GY  has taken a few months more than expected. But anyway Tony from Model Etch returned my A4 sheet recently and I am pleased with the results (a few minor changes for V2).

Work in progress is a HO P87 5'3" sprung SEM GY. P87 10 spoked VR wheels have been sourced and I'm currently making jigs for assembly. As I have the w-irons correctly spaced as per the prototype, the SEM Solebars are too thick to get all to line up correctly, so they had to be etched as well.

Also I have been weathering a couple of SEM QR wagons – at the moment concentrating on the inside. The inside base coat is floquil concrete,  then  Tamiya acrylic Paints various black, white  and browns heavily diluted with Isocol. I borrowed the technique from James McInerney where he used a similiar technique on an austrains ELX on an Old VR Enthusiast forum. Still need to blend it all in with a heavily diluted spray  of mud,earth or flesh.

Anyway back to the jigs.


  1. I like the fact your not using pinpoint axles Damian....very nice.


  2. Hi Andrew,
    Cheers. Yeh I like the 1mm axles as well.
    1.Easier to assemble wheels accurately on the axle.
    2.More space in the axle box (the P4 guys use a lot of 1mm axles, so you can imagine in HO we have even less space)
    3.Less sideways pressure on w-irons.